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Can Men Wear Ankle Bracelets?

There's really nothing stopping a man from wearing an anklet other than the fear that he will be branded gay! Of course, if a man begins wearing an anklet with a butterfly, he had better be pretty secure in his masculinity.

I came across a poll online about whether it was acceptable for a man to wear an ankle bracelet and the overwhelming response of over 300 men and women was that it was fine for a guy to wear. As of the time of this writing, 92% of 114 women thought ankle bracelets were fine for men to wear and 95% of 181 men agreed.

Other polls that I have seen have not been so one sided, but may suffer from the fact that many have never noticed a man wearing an anklet and are imagining the gold or crystal ankle bracelets generally worn by women.

Men's fashion has always lagged behind women's fashion. But in recent years, a number of traditionally female styles were successfully adapted into some male social circles. One of the most successful, and most
controversial, was the habit of young men to get their ears pierced and wear an earring in one ear.

I expect that ankle chains for men will continue to be controversial in the near future, just like earrings on guys. If you are interested in wearing an anklet, I would choose a hemp ankle bracelet or leather anklet to start and gauge your (and your friends') reactions to it. Some people may not like it but you are not wearing it for them. But unlike the permanent pierced ear, you can simply take it off if you ultimately decide you don't like it.

In the end, it's ultimately about what you enjoy wearing and feel comfortable wearing, and it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it if you like it. So try it!